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Word: manchu
IPA transcription: [m'æntʃu]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Manchu
    Meaning: the Tungusic language spoken by the Manchu
  • Synonyms: Qing, Qing_dynasty, Ch'ing, Ch'ing_dynasty, Manchu, Manchu_dynasty
    Meaning: the last imperial dynasty of China (from 1644 to 1912) which was overthrown by revolutionaries; during the Qing dynasty China was ruled by the Manchu
  • Synonyms: Manchu
    Meaning: a member of the Manchu speaking people of Mongolian race of Manchuria; related to the Tungus; conquered China in the 17th century
Usage examples
  • Gia-Gia, Manchu Tao-Tai, Goodwood Ming, Marland Myth, and others.