Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: marvelled
IPA transcription: [mɑɹv'ɛld]
Usage examples
  • When Sir Percivale saw him do so he marvelled what he meant.
  • Pir-napishtim had perceived the vessel crossing the Sea of Death and marvelled greatly.
  • When Sir Sagramore saw his fellow have such a fall he marvelled what knight he might be.
  • Yetive sat back and marvelled at the manner in which this blithe young American cast out the "blue devils."
  • The hall was full to overflowing when the prisoner entered it, and all marvelled at the brightness of his face.
  • He marvelled greatly that the stout spears of the past had not put on their harness and broken a lance for their ancient honour.
  • The Caliph marvelled at her elegance and eloquence.--And Shahrazad perceived the dawn of day and ceased to say her permitted say.
  • And again he entered the vast gloom; and they looked and marvelled; and Mopsus, son of Ampycus, with word of prophecy urged them to land and propitiate him with libations.
  • At present we want engineers, industrial men, good business-like managers, and railroad men." It is hardly to be marvelled at that such views should elicit warm protest, summed up in the comment: "Mr.
  • Clara Durrant procured the stockings, played the sonata, filled the vases, fetched the pudding, left the cards, and when the great invention of paper flowers to swim in finger-bowls was discovered, was one of those who most marvelled at their brief lives.