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Word: maximilian
IPA transcription: [m,æksɪm'ɪliən]
Pronunciations of maximilian
Usage examples
  • "Look there," said Maximilian, laughing; "there is her husband changing his jacket for a coat.
  • It blazed forth again immediately, but at first between the Venetians and the Emperor Maximilian almost alone by himself.
  • Maximilian was personally brave and free from depravity or premeditated perfidy, but he was coarse, volatile, inconsistent, and not very able.
  • Some of the originals go back to the sixteenth century, and there are copies or reproductions of the two or three most famous hunting books of the Middle Ages, such as the Duke of York's translation of Gaston Phoebus, and the queer book of the Emperor Maximilian.
  • But at the commencement of July, 1509, they heard that the important town of Padua, which had fallen to the share of Emperor Maximilian, was uttering passionate murmurs against its new master, and wished for nothing better than to come back beneath the old sway; and, in spite of the opposition shown by the doge, Loredano, the Venetians resolved to attempt the venture.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Westminster Abbey, License CC BY-SA 4.0