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Word: mcgivney
IPA transcription: [məɡ'ɪvni]
Usage examples
  • "You damned fool!" was McGivney's response.
  • "Well," said McGivney one day, "I've got something interesting for you now.
  • After McGivney had stormed for a while, he decided that this might be possible.
  • All this was strictly true; but it did not pacify McGivney, who was in a black fury.
  • Peter would ask this question of McGivney again and again, and McGivney would answer: "Keep your shirt on.
  • Peter offered to follow the young man to his home city, and find some way to lure him back into McGivney's power.
  • "These people are spending lots of money for printing," said McGivney, "and we hear this fellow Lackman is putting it up.
  • However, he would try it; McGivney must be right, for it was the same thing Mrs. James had impressed upon him many times.
  • Peter must pretend to be interested in this kind of "education," said McGivney, and he must learn at least the names of Lackman's books.
  • Peter had been made so bold by Nell's flattery and what she had said about his importance, that he did not go back to McGivney to take his second scolding about the Lackman case.