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Word: mcnutt
IPA transcription: [məkn'ʌt]
Usage examples
  • McNutt was reassured.
  • "Keep still!" cautioned McNutt.
  • When shall we do it, Mr. McNutt?"
  • "You are an honest fellow, McNutt," said he.
  • "Oh, it were Brayley's, all right," McNutt retorted.
  • McNutt thrust his head out and peered into the blackness.
  • "What do you charge for melons, Mr. McNutt?" inquired Louise.
  • Please don't, Mr. McNutt!" pleaded Patsy, in frightened accents.
  • This was said so sternly that it sent McNutt into an ague of terror.
  • "Here it is, sir," responded McNutt, taking the money from his pocket-book.