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Word: memoranda
IPA transcription: [m,ɛmɚ'ændə]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: memo, memorandum, memoranda
    Meaning: a written proposal or reminder
Usage examples
  • "A peat bog here, even a few feet of clay, might have pickled some precious memoranda....
  • She soon gathered that Major Lackland's memoranda seemed to refer to letters which had passed between himself and Judge Hawkins.
  • "Just let me see those memoranda," said Mr. Brett to Mr. Redmain, rising, and looking for the paper where he had left it the day before.
  • The coroner's jury found certain memoranda upon his body and about the premises which revealed a fact not suspected by the villagers before-viz., that Laura was not the child of Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins.
  • They were but little hampered by the fact that the memoranda referred to betrayed nothing but the bare circumstance that Laura's real parents were unknown, and stopped there. So far from being hampered by this, the gossips seemed to gain all the more freedom from it.