Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: mended
IPA transcription: [m'ɛndɪd]
Usage examples
  • 'Well, of course, I see you've mended it very nicely, and that was sweet of you, dears.'
  • The man sat all day in a little stall at the street corner and mended any shoes that were brought him.
  • I've mended her up, however, so she goes better than ever, and I can take you to the police station in jig time.
  • Thenceforward, as long as they remained in those lodgings, Anna mended and Louis blacked. Naturally, Anthony and I drew our conclusions."
  • Though all the chairs were mended, Annabel still came daily to the farm, sat on the box they used to cover the sewing machine, and wove mats.
  • When he'd gone out, Anna came downstairs, calmly demanded his shirts, and, having the slavey under her thumb, got them, walked off with them, and mended them all.
  • While this was being done Tip mended the wooden limbs of Jack Pumpkinhead and made them stronger than before, and the Saw-Horse was also inspected to see if he was in good working order.
  • Of myself I have nothing to say, but that I have hitherto lived without the concurrence of my own judgment; yet I continue to flatter myself, that, when you return, you will find me mended.
  • There needed no fathers and mothers to take care of the children; because there was no danger, nor trouble of any kind, and no clothes to be mended, and there was always plenty to eat and drink.
  • At sunset they stopped to rest in a churchyard, where two men were sitting patching a Punch-and-Judy show booth, while the figures of Punch, the doctor, the executioner and the devil were lying on the grass waiting to be mended.