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Word: merciful
IPA transcription: [m'ɝsɪfəl]
Pronunciations of merciful
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: merciful
    Meaning: showing or giving mercy; "sought merciful treatment for the captives"; "a merciful god"
Usage examples
  • "Oh, merciful Heaven?
  • He was merciful and washed away my sins.
  • God is merciful; pray to God, sir, pray to God."
  • "Merciful Heaven!" she wailed; "he's shot a fox!"
  • A few might, perhaps, have been merciful, but they were overborne by numbers.
  • It is the most wonderful thing that I have ever heard of, and the most merciful too."
  • It was sheer stupidity, since nothing could have been more merciful than to lose this reality.
  • "We suffer pain and poverty," he would say, "because we do not pray to the merciful God as we should.
  • As forgiveness is one of the attributes of the Merciful One, so also justice is one of the attributes of the Lord.
  • In her interests, the wise thing and the merciful thing to do was to conciliate the fellow before I left the house.
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