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Word: mexicans
IPA transcription: [m'ɛksɪkənz]
Pronunciations of mexicans
Usage examples
  • "Built by the Mexicans more than a hundred years ago."
  • Such conduct so terrified the Mexicans that they took sudden and precipitous leave.
  • He was /muy caballero/, as the Mexicans express it, where the ladies were concerned.
  • Marthy was afraid of the country--afraid of Mexicans, of snakes, of panthers, even of sheep.
  • Charlie Wall and the four Mexicans stopped on the sidewalk, while Ollinger continued to run towards the court house.
  • They would soon have fallen a complete prey to their enemies, had not a most singular circumstance put the Mexicans to flight.
  • A large band of Tularosa Mexicans appeared on the scene one morning, to prevent young Wall from using water for his thirsty alfalfa.
  • The treacherous Mexicans, however, continued annoying the commander of the trappers by gratuitously offering the men all the liquor they desired.
  • Former experience in a similar matter of official duty had taught those Mexicans that the American trappers were men of a peculiarly resolute nature.
  • Sam thought of roving, marauding Mexicans, of stealthy cougars that sometimes invaded the ranches, of rattlesnakes, centipedes, and a dozen possible dangers.
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