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Word: miller
IPA transcription: [m'ɪlɚ]
Pronunciations of miller
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: moth_miller, miller
    Meaning: any of various moths that have powdery wings
  • Synonyms: miller, milling_machine
    Meaning: machine tool in which metal that is secured to a carriage is fed against rotating cutters that shape it
  • Synonyms: miller
    Meaning: someone who works in a mill (especially a grain mill)
  • Synonyms: Miller, Arthur_Miller
    Meaning: United States playwright (1915-2005)
  • Synonyms: Miller, Henry_Miller, Henry_Valentine_Miller
    Meaning: United States novelist whose novels were originally banned as pornographic (1891-1980)
  • Synonyms: Miller, Glenn_Miller, Alton_Glenn_Miller
    Meaning: United States bandleader of a popular big band (1909-1944)
Usage examples
  • 'Why not?' said the Miller.
  • The miller replied, 'Why not?
  • "You can go in the cars," said Miss Miller.
  • Miss Daisy Miller stopped and stood looking at him.
  • "Oh, Eugenio!" said Miss Miller with the friendliest accent.
  • Joe Miller never made such a joke as sending it to Bob's will be!'
  • "The plan that has come into your head is not bad," said the miller.
  • He was inclined to think Miss Daisy Miller was a flirt--a pretty American flirt.
  • He tapped at the window, and the Miller put his head out and asked what he wanted.
  • But it seemed that both his audacity and his respect were lost upon Miss Daisy Miller.
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