Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: mimi
IPA transcription: [m'imi]
Usage examples
  • "I found Lilla and Mimi at home.
  • Mimi suffered too on account of her cousin's suffering.
  • Miss Watford received me as kindly as before; Mimi, too, seemed glad to see me.
  • Ah! no one ever thought that Mimi, the daughter of the great Weatherbold, would be killed for the ducal table.'
  • 'Because the herb only grows near the roots of chestnut trees,' replied Mimi; 'so let us lose no time in finding it.
  • As he sat there lost in thought the goose Mimi, who was left free to walk about, came up to him and asked what was the matter?
  • A dozen times she seemed about to collapse in a faint, but each time, on catching sight of Mimi's eyes, she made a fresh struggle and pulled through.
  • He killed the other two geese for dinner, but built a little shed for Mimi in one of his rooms, under the pretence of fattening her under his own eye.
  • Lilla was silent in the helpless concentration of deadly fear; Mimi was all resolve and self-forgetfulness, so intent on the soul-struggle in which she was engaged that there was no possibility of any other thought.