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Word: miscellaneous
IPA transcription: [m,ɪsəl'eɪniəs]
Pronunciations of miscellaneous
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: assorted, miscellaneous, mixed, motley, sundry(a)
    Meaning: consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds; "an arrangement of assorted spring flowers"; "assorted sizes"; "miscellaneous accessories"; "a mixed program of baroque and contemporary music"; "a motley crew"; "sundry sciences commonly known as social"- I.A.Richards
Usage examples
  • Miscellaneous Poems, finished May 30th, 1830.
  • Aside from this, the Union fleet sustained much miscellaneous damage, but no serious injury in the furious battle of an hour and a half.
  • After considering him attentively, I recognized in him a diligent getter-up of miscellaneous works, which bustled off well with the trade.
  • A preface to the first edition of "Jane Eyre" being unnecessary, I gave none: this second edition demands a few words both of acknowledgment and miscellaneous remark.
  • At the first glance I was reminded of a museum. The tiled floor was thick with dust, and a remarkable array of miscellaneous objects was shrouded in the same grey covering.
  • A block from the palace we bunched together and, by sheer mass and ferocity, actually stopped the machinelike advance for a few moments. Miscellaneous weapons had been brought from the houses--sledges, stone benches, anything that might break the Quabos' helmets--and handed to us in silence by the noncombatants.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Han dynasty, License CC BY-SA 4.0