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Word: mishandle
IPA transcription: [mɪsh'ændəl]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: mismanage, mishandle, misconduct
    Meaning: manage badly or incompetently; "The funds were mismanaged"
  • Synonyms: botch, bodge, bumble, fumble, botch_up, muff, blow, flub, screw_up, ball_up, spoil, muck_up, bungle, fluff, bollix, bollix_up, bollocks, bollocks_up, bobble, mishandle, louse_up, foul_up, mess_up, fuck_up
    Meaning: make a mess of, destroy or ruin; "I botched the dinner and we had to eat out"; "the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement"
Usage examples