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Word: misunderstand
IPA transcription: [m,ɪsəndɚst'ænd]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: misconstrue, misinterpret, misconceive, misunderstand, misapprehend, be_amiss
    Meaning: interpret in the wrong way; "Don't misinterpret my comments as criticism"; "She misconstrued my remarks"
Usage examples
  • She might think--she might misunderstand.
  • I say this, because I don't want you to misunderstand the situation.
  • And Lucy said, How was it possible to misunderstand him, to misunderstand any one so transparently good, so evidently kind?
  • And they defend themselves by the opinion of Socrates, of Cato, of Plato, and of St. Clement; but, as you say, they misunderstand the opinions of these thinkers.
  • Finally, for the sake of those to whom nothing can be stated so well but that they misunderstand and distort it, we must add a word, in case they can understand even that.