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Word: moldy
IPA transcription: [m'oʊldi]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: moldy, mouldy, musty
    Meaning: covered with or smelling of mold; "moldy bread"; "a moldy (or musty) odor"
Usage examples
  • The bread was moldy and the beef too tough even for well men to eat.
  • Too tired to keep out of even such an uninviting bed, I flung off my clothes, and with my moldy tweeds for only covering I laid me down, but not to sleep.
  • He used to keep her locked in the moldy cellar and gave her so little to eat that she would creep into the office at night (she had found a key that fitted the door) to pick up the bits of bread that Dick Swiveller, Brass's clerk, had left when he ate his luncheon.