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Word: monarch
IPA transcription: [m'ɑn,ɑɹk]
Pronunciations of monarch
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: sovereign, crowned_head, monarch
    Meaning: a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right
Usage examples
  • That monarch swore He'd slay them all for winking.
  • But the haughty monarch was incapable of the magnanimity which dares to acknowledge a fault.
  • He was busy consoling a monarch for the loss of his throne, and preparing himself and his royal patron for the scaffold.
  • He lived six years in this manner at the court of Frederick; but that monarch dying in 1670 he was left without a protector.
  • The coming of the first robin was a jubilee beyond crowning of monarch or birthday of pope; the first red leaf hurrying through "the altered air," an epoch.
  • He published, however, a manifesto against the rebels, and an answer to their complaints; in which he employed a very lofty style, suited to so haughty a monarch.
  • Henry would by no means acknowledge any error in these particulars; and was displeased that they should pretend to prescribe rules to so great a monarch and theologian.
  • In one fragmentary legend which was preserved in the tablet-library of Ashur-banipal, the Assyrian monarch, Etana obtained the assistance of the Eagle to go in quest of the Plant of Birth.
  • He became in time much attached to him; and defended him from the jealous attacks of his courtiers, and the indignation of those who were grieved to see their monarch the easy dupe of a charlatan.
  • The monarch, after making some inquiry into the rank and character of his rival, despatched the informer with a present of a pair of purple slippers, to complete the magnificence of his Imperial habit.
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