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Word: moods
IPA transcription: [m'udz]
Usage examples
  • Sadness prevailed among her moods
  • But Sir Richmond was evidently a creature of moods.
  • They become very keen at interpreting moods by the look.
  • He, at least, understands me--and has sense enough to leave me alone when I am in my dark moods.
  • She had seen him in cruel, even savage moods, but nothing that had ever approached the look of horrible pleasure that was on his face now.
  • It roused his pride to think how liberally he must have been discussed, and, consequently, when Lady Throckmorton joined them, he was not in the most amiable of moods.
  • For I was fast lapsing into one of the moods which my little mother used to call my "morbid streaks" and which she had vainly tried to cure ever since I was a tiny girl.
  • Chopin's robust treatment of the first theme results in a strong piece of craftmanship. The episodical nature of this Ballade is the fruit of the esoteric moods of its composer.
  • Whatever came in his way, the tragedy or comedy of his daily life, his moods of passion and apathy, the aspirations of his better moments, all underwent the same disintegrating process.
  • Plainly she was the mere puppet of her moods, and more than that, any cunning nurse who knew her well enough could call or send away those moods almost as she pleased, like a showman pulling strings behind a show.