Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: moons
IPA transcription: [m'unz]
Usage examples
  • He was full of glee, for it had been many long moons since he had tasted such good food.
  • It acted as well as a three or four feet refractor of that day, and showed Jupiter's moons.
  • Thomas, at the time he was killed, was a few moons over fifty-two years old, and John was forty-eight.
  • "Wild-eyed Piper on the hill, Crying out your rigadoons, Bring the savages to kill 'Neath the waning Martian moons!"
  • Our moon differs from other satellites in being exceptionally large compared with the size of its primary; it is as big as some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.
  • And the cry of the palms and the purple moons, Or the cry of the frost and foam, Swept ever around an inmost place, And the din of distant race on race Cried and replied round Rome.
  • The Piper was a tall, gaunt man, face as pale and wan as Martian moons, eyes electrical purple, standing against the soft of the dusking heaven, holding his pipe to his lips, playing.
  • With a word of farewell he touched the button which controlled the repulsive rays, and as the flier rose lightly into the air, the engine purred in answer to the touch of his finger upon a second button, the propellers whirred as his hand drew back the speed lever, and Carthoris, Prince of Helium, was off into the gorgeous Martian night beneath the hurtling moons and the million stars.