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Word: mosquitoes
IPA transcription: [məsk'itoʊz]
Usage examples
  • "How about the Mosquitoes!" said the colonel.
  • My hands smart like fury, and I guess the mosquitoes have about eaten my face up.
  • I've had enough of bats--and mosquitoes," he added, as he slapped at his face and neck.
  • No mosquitoes, no passports, no--goodness gracious, child, don't let that odious man bang about my hat-box!
  • Once the story gets out, the river will crawl with expeditions and the airships rise like a swarm of mosquitoes." I laughed as I thought of it.
  • The truth is, those ugly little winged monsters, called Troubles, which are now almost as numerous as mosquitoes, had never yet been seen on the earth.
  • The Katy-dids and the Mosquitoes, and the Locusts, and a full orchestra of Crickets made the air perfectly vibrate, insomuch that old Parson Too-Whit, who was preaching a Thursday evening lecture to a very small audience, announced to his hearers that he should certainly write a discourse against dancing for the next weekly occasion.