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Word: mound
IPA transcription: [m'aʊnd]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: mound, hill, pitcher's_mound
    Meaning: (baseball) the slight elevation on which the pitcher stands
  • Synonyms: knoll, mound, hillock, hummock, hammock
    Meaning: a small natural hill
  • Synonyms: pile, heap, mound, agglomerate, cumulation, cumulus
    Meaning: a collection of objects laid on top of each other
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: mound
    Meaning: form into a rounded elevation; "mound earth"
Usage examples
  • The whole is then quickly heaped up with earth, and forms a sloping mound.
  • The grave was then covered over with the rubble dug from the seafloor, and it formed a low mound.
  • They buried him where he lay; and for years the lonely mound under the great oak was kept green by loving hands.
  • One day, at Prairie Mound, at the noon hour a big farmer with red sideburns rode up to the schoolhouse with a revolver in his hand.
  • They lunched in Marlborough and went on in the afternoon to Silbury Hill, that British pyramid, the largest artificial mound in Europe.
  • The hole which we had dug in the mound in the pond was still there, as Meares discovered by falling into it up to his waist and getting very wet.
  • The few literary inscriptions which come from this period, those found in the mound at Gezer, are written in the Assyrian script and contain the names of Assyrian officials.
  • Soon after this the king died, leaving his kingdom to his two sons and giving instructions that his funeral mound should be erected in sight of that of his dear friend Thorsten, so that their spirits might not be separated even in death.
  • When, after expelling the enemy, he had, with the help of the brethren, built himself a narrow dwelling, with a mound about it, and the necessary cells in it, to wit, an oratory and a common living room, he ordered the brothers to dig a pit in the floor of the room, although the ground was hard and stony, and no hopes appeared of any spring.