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Word: municipal
IPA transcription: [mjun'ɪsəpəl]
Pronunciations of municipal
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: municipal
    Meaning: relating or belonging to or characteristic of a municipality; "municipal government"; "municipal bonds"; "a municipal park"; "municipal transportation"
Usage examples
  • These territorial inhabitants require municipal law, police, and government.
  • Members of the Committee of Public Safety will be on duty in the building of the Municipal Duma.
  • Thus in the great game of municipal rivalry did Okochee match that famous drawing card, the Hudson.
  • They have no right within their municipal power to attempt to decide the rights of the people of the States.
  • This was tabled, however, for there were no personal charges against the members, and they were active in the Municipal administration.
  • More magnanimous than Nero, he would thus give musical warning of the forthcoming municipal upheaval that Quicksand was scheduled to endure.
  • For the rest, the present system is only a continuation of the municipal system, which, in the middle ages, sprang up in connection with feudalism,--an oppressive, mischief-making system, full of petty passions and base intrigues.
  • The State; district, county, and municipal governments were not only in control of white men, but white men who were to the manor born, or who were known as old citizens of the State--those who had lived in the State many years before the War of the Rebellion.
  • Citizens of Petrograd, we, the Bolshevik Municipal Councillors elected by you--we want you to know that the Right Socialist Revolutionaries and the Cadets are engaged in counter-revolutionary action, have forgotten their duty, and are leading the population to famine, to civil war.
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