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Word: necklace
IPA transcription: [n'ɛkləs]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: necklace
    Meaning: jewelry consisting of a cord or chain (often bearing gems) worn about the neck as an ornament (especially by women)
Usage examples
  • "Pray don't talk about the horrid necklace."
  • "The necklace," said the girl, in a frightened whisper.
  • "I want to see what the French jewellers can do before I trust Lady Jocelyn's necklace into the hands of English workmen.
  • Hans held up a necklace of blue and white beads that glistened like jewels in the sun, and from them hung a gorgeous filigree cross.
  • I could already see it happen--the dropped necklace, the sudden clutching hand, the girl's sharp cry as he seized her and drew her in.
  • The necklace slipped snakily over his hand--one of those white, firm hands which could guide the knife so well--and Anthony Dexter shuddered.
  • But then Lady Fawn hated Lady Linlithgow as only two old women can hate each other;--and she had not heard the story of the diamond necklace.
  • I may go rather recklessly to work and make a large investment in this necklace; it will be something for Lady Jocelyn to bequeath to her children.
  • "I want a new silk dress," said Dressalinda, "an apple-green one, sewn with seed-pearls, and green shoes with red heels, and a necklace of emeralds, and a box of gloves."
  • They were quietly but definitely dressed, pretty alterations had happened to their coiffure, a silver band and deep red stones lit the dusk of Miss Grammont's hair and a necklace of the same colourings kept the peace between her jolly sun-burnt cheek and her soft untanned neck.