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Word: needles
IPA transcription: [n'idəlz]
Usage examples
  • Feather!' the Sheep cried again, taking more needles.
  • 'Are you a child or a teetotum?' the Sheep said, as she took up another pair of needles.
  • 'Didn't you hear me say "Feather"?' the Sheep cried angrily, taking up quite a bunch of needles.
  • He said the colors were pricked into the skin with needles, and that the operation was somewhat painful.
  • So she was given three large needles, a plough-wheel, and three nuts, which she was to take great care of.
  • There was a little figure plump For every little knoll, Busy needles, and spools of thread, And trudging feet from school.
  • The short, rigid needles in fascicles of two are arranged in comparatively long cylindrical tassels at the ends of the tough up-curving branches.
  • Their slender, grayish needles are from eight to twelve inches long, and inclined to droop, contrasting with the rigid, dark-colored trunk and branches.
  • At another shop he bought some large needles, half-a-dozen skeins of stout waxed thread, a pair of large scissors, a couple of strong steel buckles, and a tailor's thimble.
  • "Hate to be a dignitary in all this heat," Amos said, unenviously. "What are they doing now?" he enquired, and both boys parted the prickly pine needles to look out and down.