Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: nets
IPA transcription: [n'ɛts]
Usage examples
  • The Spider with the Crab-like figure does not know how to manufacture nets for catching game.
  • The monks were just spreading out their nets to dry on the shore, when they heard the sound of crying.
  • "To carry Ivory on pack-animals, the North African traders use nets, slinging two large teeth on each side of an ass.
  • These fired small arrow-headed missiles, rather like miniature torpedoes fitted with lance-heads for cutting through nets.
  • He cried: "Spread out the nets, that I may take The lioness and her whelps upon the passage;" And then extended his unpitying claws,
  • The Apostle Peter, in contrast to St. Luke, was only a fisherman when the Lord bade him leave his boat and his nets to preach and teach the Gospel.
  • Without him I should probably at this moment be a dead fish in the nets at Saint Cloud, for it was a question of nothing less than throwing me into the river.
  • It was from lonely shepherds sitting on the hillsides, and from fishermen casting their nets, and from carpenters and tailors and shoemakers at their benches.
  • If I had begun in earnest to serve God when I was as young as these children are, how many wrong habits I should have avoided; habits that entangle me now, as in so many nets.
  • How impossible it would have seemed to Peter, in the days when he washed his nets by the Lake of Galilee, that his writings should ever form a part of the Scriptures--God's Book, which he had learned from his childhood to love and reverence!