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Word: nobility
IPA transcription: [noʊb'ɪləti]
Pronunciations of nobility
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: nobility, aristocracy
    Meaning: a privileged class holding hereditary titles
  • Synonyms: nobility, nobleness, magnanimousness, grandeur
    Meaning: the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character or ideals or conduct
Usage examples
  • The nobility of good sense.
  • Of such a nobility, good Lord, deliver us from all envy!
  • Unless you are a sprig of nobility there is little hope of seeing him at home.
  • But to hang on to seventy is nasty, better only to thirty; one might retain 'a shadow of nobility' by deceiving oneself.
  • About all this there was a nobility of soul--a dignity of candor--which delighted--which enchanted me--which eternally riveted my chains.
  • When she was a little girl, a child of her own age, the daughter of one of the nobility, was brought to Kensington Palace to spend the day with her.
  • These repeated insults were not to be endured by an imperious nobility. Such invitations became less cordial--less frequent--in time they ceased altogether.
  • This garment, like those worn by wealthy Chinese when in native costume, distinguished the rich or the nobility, who were not under the necessity of engaging in manual labor.
  • He will be so much taken up with the King and the Duke of York, that he is afraid he will Disoblige a great Number of the Nobility by it, besides injuring his own health by such Constant application to business.
  • And the higher we advance in the nobility of forms, the more we find that the power of the form excels the elementary matter; as the vegetative soul excels the form of the metal, and the sensitive soul excels the vegetative soul.
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