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Word: nobly
IPA transcription: [n'ɑbli]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: nobly
    Meaning: in a noble manner; "she has behaved nobly"
Usage examples
  • It had stood by him nobly.
  • “Nobly spoken, Mr. Glenarm!
  • And there Sir Marhaus did so nobly that he was renowned, and had sometime down forty knights, and so the circlet of gold was rewarded him.
  • Indeed what could better prepare them for the supreme sacrifice and for a death nobly met than these prayers, this music and even these flowers?
  • Strange stories, too, have long been told of this castle, but it is no business of mine to repeat them; and, for my part, I have no reason to complain; our Chief does nobly by us.'
  • From Pennell down there is not an officer or man who has not done his job nobly during the past weeks, and it will be a glorious thing to remember the unselfish loyal help they are giving us.