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Word: norwegian
IPA transcription: [n,ɔɹw'idʒən]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Norwegian, Norse
    Meaning: of or relating to Norway or its people or culture or language; "Norwegian herring"
Usage examples
  • Frithiof was a Norwegian hero, grandson of Viking, who was the largest and strongest man of his time.
  • There is a kind of ship, too, called a Cat, a vessel formed on the Norwegian model, of about 600 tons burthen.
  • I was also gratified by the sight of a Norwegian landscape in miniature, which with great propriety makes a part of the Danish King's garden.
  • This brother, and this Norwegian King, joining their forces against England, with Duke William's help, won a fight in which the English were commanded by two nobles; and then besieged York. Harold, who was waiting for the Normans on the coast at Hastings, with his army, marched to Stamford Bridge upon the river Derwent to give them instant battle.
  • A strong national flavor is also felt in the work of Christian Sinding, the Norwegian, whose D minor symphony has been styled "a piece born of the gloomy romanticism of the North." Edward Grieg, known as the incarnation of the strong, vigorous, breezy spirit of the land of the midnight sun, has put some of his most characteristic work into symphonic poems and orchestral suites.