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Word: noticeably
IPA transcription: [n'oʊtɪsəbli]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: perceptibly, noticeably, observably
    Meaning: in a noticeable manner; "he changed noticeably over the years"
Usage examples
  • It cannot be said that that dinner was a notable success socially. The Allans and Miss Stacy exerted themselves to save the situation and Marilla's customary placidity was not noticeably ruffled.
  • Right and left of the narrow pass between the oaks were dense bushes; and now from behind these a female figure glided, whose appearance even in the gloom was, though graceful in outline, noticeably strange.
  • For my part, I was no longer worried about those dangers my imagination had so ridiculously exaggerated. The shallows drew noticeably closer to the surface of the sea, and soon, walking in only a meter of water, my head passed well above the level of the ocean.