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Word: noxious
IPA transcription: [n'ɑkʃəs]
Pronunciations of noxious
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: noxious
    Meaning: injurious to physical or mental health; "noxious chemical wastes"; "noxious ideas"
Usage examples
  • "That I killed a vile noxious insect, an old pawnbroker woman, of use to no one!...
  • Thus the atmosphere became a deadly poison to the next poor victim who was left to breathe the noxious effluvia of corruption and decay.
  • It is believed that Mont Pelee threw off a great gasp of some exceedingly heavy and noxious gas, something akin to firedamp, which settled upon the city and rendered the inhabitants insensible.
  • I had been considerably startled when the lights burnt first green and then red; but had been momentarily under the impression that the change was due to some influx of noxious gas into the room.
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