Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: nuggets
IPA transcription: [n'ʌɡəts]
Usage examples
  • He handled their nuggets doubtfully.
  • The champagne was all gone, but he still had some gold nuggets.
  • The nuggets flattened to a yellow leaf as fine and flexible as silk.
  • He gathered his last nuggets and hurled them in handfuls at the mirror, shattering it in countless pieces.
  • And then we had him carted to a distant small hotel and put to bed with his nuggets and baby seal-skins stuffed around him.
  • Her mind is such a rich pocket that as she digs in it (her head to the side and her tongue well out) she sends up showers of nuggets.
  • They unstrapped those little leather bags round under their cartridge belts and produced in tiny gold nuggets the price of what they had bought.
  • When men drifted in to trade dust and nuggets for picks and flour, the fur-traders smiled, and rightly surmised that the California diggings were playing out.
  • Far-off gold glittered the brighter for the distance. Cariboo became in popular imagination a land where nuggets grew on the side of the road and could be picked by the bushel-basket.