Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: obstructions
IPA transcription: [əbstɹ'ʌkʃənz]
Usage examples
  • Avoiding the obstructions gave it the sinuous movement of a serpent.
  • Fatty tissues are removed and other obstructions eradicated during the regular heart beats.
  • For a wise man only attacks the errors that are in his way; things which he never meets he can scarcely think of as obstructions.
  • They also had auxiliary defenses: first, of a strong river barrier of log rafts and other obstructions connected by powerful chains, half a mile below the forts; second, of an improvised fleet of sixteen rebel gunboats and a formidable floating battery.
  • Misconduct and divorces are not unfrequent among the former, because their mode of life corrupts their principles, and they deem themselves above the jurisdiction of popular opinion; the latter feel as if they were beneath the influence of public censure, and find it very difficult to be virtuous, on account of extreme poverty, and the consequent obstructions in the way of marriage.