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Word: occurrence
IPA transcription: [ək'ɝəns]
Pronunciations of occurrence
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: happening, occurrence, occurrent, natural_event
    Meaning: an event that happens
  • Synonyms: occurrence
    Meaning: an instance of something occurring; "a disease of frequent occurrence"; "the occurrence (or presence) of life on other planets"
Usage examples
  • 'Not smooth over a disagreeable occurrence?'
  • It cannot be denied that this is a most extraordinary occurrence.
  • It was, however, a strange occurrence and very hard to understand.
  • I confess that I witnessed the whole occurrence with a thrill of pride.
  • "I wonder you can bear to sit in that office after such an occurrence."
  • To consider the bearing of the occurrence upon what may be, but is not yet, is to think.
  • He tried to put away from him the occurrence, and to expand, and to enjoy himself once more.
  • "Insolent old fellow!" she exclaimed to her husband, to whom she went at once and related the occurrence.
  • Not long after this occurrence, Squire Hardy went to hear an itinerant phrenologist who lectured in the village.
  • This occurrence took place very soon after I went to live with my old master, and under the following circumstances.
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