Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: ollinger
IPA transcription: ['ɑlɪŋɚ]
Usage examples
  • Bob Ollinger answered: "Don't worry, Pat, we will watch him like a goat."
  • Now Ollinger put the gun back in the armory, locking the door, putting the key in his pocket.
  • After killing Bell, the "Kid" broke in the door to the armory and secured Ollinger's shot-gun.
  • On hearing the shot, Bob Ollinger and the five armed prisoners, got up from the supper table and ran to the street.
  • Charlie Wall and the four Mexicans stopped on the sidewalk, while Ollinger continued to run towards the court house.
  • At meal times they accompanied either Bob Ollinger or J. W. Bell, to the Ellis Hotel across the main street, which ran east and west through town.
  • About five o'clock in the evening, Bob Ollinger took Charlie Wall and the other four armed prisoners to the Ellis Hotel, across the street, for supper.