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Word: olympus
IPA transcription: [oʊl'ɪmpəs]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Olympus, Mount_Olympus, Mt._Olympus, Olimbos
    Meaning: a mountain peak in northeast Greece near the Aegean coast; believed by ancient Greeks to be the dwelling place of the gods (9,570 feet high)
Usage examples
  • "Is this Mount Olympus?" asks the unbelieving stranger.
  • It was not to Mount Olympus that our friend Bold betook himself.
  • But Athena soared up to Olympus, when they had escaped unscathed.
  • Olympus must have roared at my coming. The world, knowing me not, could judge me by my clothes alone.
  • To the outward and uninitiated eye, Mount Olympus is a somewhat humble spot,--undistinguished, unadorned,--nay, almost mean.
  • Not far removed from Mount Olympus, but somewhat nearer to the blessed regions of the West, is the most favoured abode of Themis.
  • Thus died Hercules, and after his death he was received as a god amongst the Immortals on Mount Olympus, where he married Hebe, Jove's cupbearer.
  • For by her power the winds and the sea and all the earth below and the snowy seat of Olympus are complete; and to her, when from the mountains she ascends the mighty heaven, Zeus himself, the son of Cronos, gives place.
  • And he sung the song of Perseus, how the Gods led him over land and sea, and how he slew the loathly Gorgon, and won himself a peerless bride; and how he sits now with the Gods upon Olympus, a shining star in the sky, immortal with his immortal bride, and honoured by all men below.