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Word: omission
IPA transcription: [oʊm'ɪʃən]
Pronunciations of omission
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: omission, skip
    Meaning: a mistake resulting from neglect
  • Synonyms: omission
    Meaning: something that has been omitted; "she searched the table for omissions"
  • Synonyms: omission, deletion
    Meaning: any process whereby sounds or words are left out of spoken words or phrases
Usage examples
  • 'To my mind there is something active in deception; this would be rather an omission.'
  • If the duty enjoined by the law were of difficult performance, omission, though it could not be justified, might be pitied.
  • Margaret tried to speak and tell her of her father's death; of her mother's it was evident that Mrs. Purkis was aware, from her omission of her name.
  • The animal trotted on a-head of the boy, and stopped at every door where the paper was in use to be left, without making a single omission or mistake.
  • None of your suspicions are true; I am not much richer than when you left me; and, what is worse, my omission of an answer to your first letter, will prove that I am not much wiser.
  • On the last day of that year a treaty was concluded, but because of the omission of any provision against the impressment of seamen, and its doubtfulness in relation to other leading points the president sent it back for revisal.
  • But even for such educated people, Shakespeare's teaching is not always without danger. The condition on which his teaching is quite harmless is that it should be accepted in all its completeness, in all its parts, without any omission.
  • Monotony, the cardinal and most common sin of the public speaker, is not a transgression--it is rather a sin of omission, for it consists in living up to the confession of the Prayer Book: "We have left undone those things we ought to have done."
  • Specious arguments of danger to the common liberty could easily be contrived; plausible excuses for the deficiencies of the party could, without difficulty, be invented to alarm the apprehensions, inflame the passions, and conciliate the good-will, even of those States which were not chargeable with any violation or omission of duty.
  • But what most surprises me is, that a hall of this magnificence should be left with one of its windows incomplete and unfinished." "Sire," answered Aladdin, "the omission was by design, since I wished that you should have the glory of finishing this hall." "I take your intention kindly," said the sultan, "and will give orders about it immediately."
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