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Word: oppose
IPA transcription: [əp'oʊz]
Pronunciations of oppose
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: oppose
    Meaning: be against; express opposition to; "We oppose the ban on abortion"
  • Synonyms: fight, oppose, fight_back, fight_down, defend
    Meaning: fight against or resist strongly; "The senator said he would oppose the bill"; "Don't fight it!"
  • Synonyms: oppose, counterbalance
    Meaning: contrast with equal weight or force
  • Synonyms: pit, oppose, match, play_off
    Meaning: set into opposition or rivalry; "let them match their best athletes against ours"; "pit a chess player against the Russian champion"; "He plays his two children off against each other"
Usage examples
  • You can oppose an absurdity only with some other absurdity.
  • "I really am not sufficiently interested in the affair to oppose you. You may take the girl for me.
  • What we need, in order to oppose them successfully, is a number of sharp sticks which are longer than their own."
  • "Now let us see what Coo-ee-oh will do to oppose them," continued Lady Aurex, in a voice that betrayed her excitement.
  • This punishment has for its end to warn, to protect and to oppose cruelty and transgression so that other men may not be tyrannical.
  • The Stuarts have found few apologists, for the dead cannot pay for praise; and who will, without reward, oppose the tide of popularity?
  • Why any living mortal in America could oppose a plan that has for its object the abolition of war is simply amazing to the people of Europe.
  • They therefore were going on, and, if General Gordon and his troops attempted to oppose them, they would fight it out and see which was the strongest.
  • There is a battery, C, and a key, K. When the key is depressed, current flows through the relay coils at A, but no magnetism is produced, as they oppose each other.
  • Still he shrank from the outcry and scandal of sending her away; for certainly his wife, if it were but to oppose him, would refuse to believe a word against her cousin.
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