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Word: orchids
IPA transcription: ['ɔɹkədz]
Usage examples
  • Adrian was an authority on the fertilization of orchids.
  • Here was evidently a people highly skilled, efficient, caring for their country as a florist cares for his costliest orchids.
  • From there he had seen the procession leave the palace, had noted the enthusiasm of the holiday crowd, and, best of all, had seen Galva turn in her carriage and wave her bouquet of orchids at his balcony.
  • Undine was too young to take note of culinary details, but she had expected to view the company through a bower of orchids and eat pretty-coloured entrees in ruffled papers. Instead, there was only a low centre-dish of ferns, and plain roasted and broiled meat that one could recognize--as if they'd been dyspeptics on a diet!