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Word: originality
IPA transcription: [ɚ,ɪdʒən'ælɪti]
Pronunciations of originality
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: originality
    Meaning: the ability to think and act independently
  • Synonyms: originality
    Meaning: the quality of being new and original (not derived from something else)
Usage examples
  • I adore originality.
  • This theory has at least the merit of originality.
  • We do not claim originality for the statement that things never happen quite as one expects them to.
  • The animal knows its trade thoroughly, but it does not know and will never know aught else, being incapable of originality.
  • It is possible, young ladies--nay, quite probable, I should say--that your originality and genius will yet make Millville famous."
  • They are, likewise, distinguished by originality of treatment, complete mastery of the material used, as well as by genuine beauty of rhyme and rhythm.
  • The only artists who can show great originality are those trained in distinct and established schools; for originality and genius must be largely fed and raised on the shoulders of some old tradition.
  • Grace and spirit, originality of invention, joyous abandon, a fancy controlled by a studious mind, a profusion of quaint humor and a proper division of light and shade, combine to give the dominant note to his music.
  • Originality cannot be expected in a field like this, where all the attitudes and tempers that are possible have been exhibited in literature long ago, and where any new writer can immediately be classed under a familiar head.
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