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Word: ornaments
IPA transcription: ['ɔɹnəmənts]
Pronunciations of ornaments
Usage examples
  • Don't married ladies wear little fluffy fur ornaments?"
  • I must put on a few ornaments now, because it is expected of me.
  • "They are my sole ornaments, my prettiest feature," said the Woozy, uneasily.
  • The second chamber was purple in its ornaments and tapestries, and here the panes were purple.
  • I never saw anything more tasty than her dress,--dark red silk, with little fluffy fur ornaments all over it.
  • I will bring all my pretty things and ornaments, and the trees are so near home we shall be quite safe in them.'
  • It requires uncommon taste to form a whole, and to introduce accommodations and ornaments analogous with the surrounding-scene.
  • As I reached the doorway of our building a strange surprise awaited me. A warrior approached bearing the arms, ornaments, and full accouterments of his kind.
  • The vases, basins, and goblets were gold also, and of exquisite workmanship, and all the other ornaments and embellishments of the hall were answerable to this display.
  • The candles flickered and went out, the tree was left alone with its gilded ornaments, and Mrs. Bird sent the children down stairs at half-past eight, thinking that Carol looked tired.
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