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Word: orpheus
IPA transcription: ['ɔɹfiəs]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Orpheus
    Meaning: (Greek mythology) a great musician; when his wife Eurydice died he went to Hades to get her back but failed
Usage examples
  • And there they offered sacrifices, and Orpheus purged them from their guilt.
  • Sing us his song again, brave Orpheus, that we may forget the Sirens and their spell."
  • Then Orpheus spoke, the king of all minstrels: "Let them match their song against mine.
  • But Orpheus said: "Turn from them, for no living man can land there: there is no harbour on the coast, but steep-walled cliffs all round."
  • So Orpheus sang, and the Sirens, answering each other across the golden sea, till Orpheus's voice drowned the Sirens, and the heroes caught their oars again.
  • Slowly they sung and sleepily, with silver voices, mild and clear, which stole over the golden waters, and into the hearts of all the heroes, in spite of Orpheus's song.
  • And besides the drink offerings they built an altar to Apollo, saviour of ships, and burnt thigh bones; and Orpheus dedicated his lyre; whence the place has the name of Lyra.
  • Then Medeia clapped her hands together, and cried, "Sing louder, Orpheus, sing a bolder strain; wake up these hapless sluggards, or none of them will see the land of Hellas more."
  • And as Orpheus sang, they dashed their oars into the sea, and kept time to his music, as they fled fast away; and the Sirens' voices died behind them, in the hissing of the foam along their wake.
  • "Such dancing we have never seen," said Orpheus; "and your singer is a happy man; for Phoebus himself must have taught him, or else he is the son of a Muse; as I am also, and have sung once or twice, though not so well as he."