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Word: othello
IPA transcription: [əθ'ɛloʊ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Othello
    Meaning: the hero of William Shakespeare's tragedy who would not trust his wife
Usage examples
  • Othello believes falsely that Desdemona loves Cassio.
  • What framework of cedar or oak will last as long as "Othello"?
  • If Othello loves Desdemona, there is such a complex whole as 'Othello's love for Desdemona'.
  • There is in fact no such object, and therefore Othello cannot have any relation to such an object.
  • This relation, therefore, is a relation of four terms, since Othello also is one of the terms of the relation.
  • There is a Macbeth livery-stable, a Falstaff bakery, and all the shops and stores keep Othello this and Hamlet that.
  • Thus, when Othello judges that Desdemona loves Cassio, Othello is the subject, while the objects are Desdemona and loving and Cassio.
  • Similarly, if Cassio judges that Desdemona loves Othello, the constituents of the judgement are still the same, but their order is different.
  • When we say that it is a relation of four terms, we do not mean that Othello has a certain relation to Desdemona, and has the same relation to loving and also to Cassio.
  • So that neither do the characters of Lear nor Othello nor Falstaff nor yet Hamlet in any way confirm the existing opinion that Shakespeare's power consists in the delineation of character.