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Word: outright
IPA transcription: ['aʊtɹ'aɪt]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: outright, straight-out, unlimited
    Meaning: without reservation or exception
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: outright
    Meaning: without restrictions or stipulations or further payments; "buy outright"
Usage examples
  • For if the Troll comes back and finds you here, he'll kill you outright.
  • Land was rarely, if ever, sold outright, so that there was no occasion to estimate its total selling value.
  • That soldier, who had been so dignified and stiff, put his hand over his mouth and fairly rushed from the room so he could laugh outright.
  • Then the robbers began to talk among themselves what they should do with him; if they should kill him outright, or what else they should do.
  • Many medieval estates were so tied up by legal conditions that they could not be sold outright; all that the owner could do was to sell or mortgage the annual rental.
  • He cried and roared and beat his breast, and, to tell the truth, it was many days before he dared go home; for he was afraid lest his old dame should kill him outright on the spot.
  • The right solution--a solution incomparably better than this which I have suggested on account of its apparently better chance of acceptance--is the outright repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment.
  • The shell passed through her stern this time also, and exploded; there was a shrill scream from more than one agonised throat, and the baling and pulling ceased altogether; every man in her was wounded, if not killed outright.
  • Mr. Samuel Weller looked at the little lawyer, then at Mr. Pickwick, then at the ceiling, then at Perker again; grinned, laughed outright, and finally, catching up his hat from the carpet, without further explanation, disappeared.
  • But the man tore off the rag, and then he soon saw what was the matter with the finger. First he wanted to kill the lad outright, but when he wept, and begged, he only gave him such a thrashing that he had to keep his bed three days.