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Word: overjoyed
IPA transcription: [,oʊvɚdʒ'ɔɪd]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: overjoyed
    Meaning: extremely joyful
Usage examples
  • 'You do not seem to be overjoyed.'
  • Ojo was overjoyed at this suggestion.
  • Booth was greatly overjoyed at this success.
  • Peter was overjoyed at this fortunate discovery, and instantly set himself to obtain a red cloak.
  • Then Ashputtel brought the dish to her mother, overjoyed at the thought that now she should go to the ball.
  • Patsy was overjoyed at the success of her plot, which she had conceived on the spur of the moment, as most clever plots are conceived.
  • The Pinkies were overjoyed at this promise and it made them very brave indeed, since they now believed they would surely be victorious.
  • Soon after, the ladies took their places, and made the porter sit down by them, who was overjoyed to see himself seated with three such admirable beauties.
  • She was overjoyed at the sight of her sister and of Paul, and brought him a shirt belonging to the dragon, which made every one who wore it twice as strong as they were before.
  • The following morning when the poor milliner looked over her newspaper she was overjoyed to read that "no woman could now wear a bird upon her hat and be in style, for the newest fashion required only ribbons and laces."