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Word: overlooked
IPA transcription: ['oʊvɚl,ʊkt]
Pronunciations of overlooked
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: overlooked, unmarked, unnoted
    Meaning: not taken into account; "his retirement was not allowed to go unmarked"
Usage examples
  • "I am aware of the fact, but I overlooked the formality, for once.
  • "No, but you've overlooked two of us," announced Ned stepping out.
  • Johnny and his relatives, the Marmots, certainly cannot be overlooked.
  • The financial aspect of these enterprises is often overlooked and forgotten.
  • Its close resemblance to the medicinal leech caused the mistake to be overlooked until too late.
  • The possibility of hypothetical conclusions, of tentative results, is the fact which the Greek dilemma overlooked.
  • While there is a truth in this thought not to be overlooked, the effects must now be recognized to be more distant than was supposed.
  • From the window of this delightful room, one overlooked the rose-garden. Adjoining was the schoolroom, a big room where Miss Green and Edith spent much of their time.
  • She helped Aunt Polly pack her trunk and suit case, afterwards gathering into a bundle the things she had forgotten or overlooked, all of which personal belongings Uncle Eben wheeled over to the school.
  • The house itself crowned the highest hill that overlooked the town, and its dining-room windows and the veranda without, commanded a view of the river for miles, just where the valley was the greenest and the most beautiful.
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