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Word: owing
IPA transcription: ['oʊɪŋ]
Pronunciations of owing
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: outstanding, owing(p), undischarged
    Meaning: owed as a debt; "outstanding bills"; "the amount still owed"; "undischarged debts"
Usage examples
  • How much is it and to whom is it owing?
  • Mike remembered the cheque perfectly well, owing to the amount.
  • Owing to hard treatment, Charles was induced to fly to Canada for refuge.
  • The worst day we have had during the trip and greatly owing to our own fault.
  • To what this appearance was owing I cannot tell, and indeed I did not examine into it.
  • "Possibly," I suggested, "that is in a measure owing to the nature of their occupation."
  • These lands are exceedingly productive, owing to the great depth and richness of the soil.
  • I suppose it is owing to my being obliged to defy mother's judgment in order to gratify my own.
  • It is owing to a neglect of the doctrines, that there is such a fearful falling away in the country.
  • "And I only wanted to know--because I'd got an idea that--well, that we were owing everything to you."
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