Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: pardoned
IPA transcription: [p'ɑɹdənd]
Usage examples
  • She probably intended, in time, to have pardoned her; but time was not allowed.
  • WE must pardon and do good for evil, as God has pardoned us and rendered good for evil in Jesus Christ.
  • I was in the midst of these preparations for appeal the next day when I learned to my surprise that the President had pardoned the women.
  • "The man's name is Tom Jackson; he is a noted gambler and forger, has been convicted of manslaughter and other crimes, sent to the penitentiary and pardoned out.
  • Georgina, the third, was still at school under similar circumstances, and was pardoned her egregious noisiness and romping propensities under the score of youth.
  • This was the best apology of any that had been offered; natural affection was the pleader; and though blinded to its true interest, such weakness had an amiable source, and so was pardoned.
  • Moreover, I was amazed that since the President had said he considered the treatment of the women "shocking," he had pardoned them without stating that he did so to correct a grave injustice.