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Word: pastures
IPA transcription: [p'æstʃɚz]
Pronunciations of pastures
Usage examples
  • Do you know the cowslips that grow in the pastures, Mary?"
  • There of necessity must fall whatever In bosom of Benaco cannot stay, And grows a river down through verdant pastures.
  • Mr. Harrison says his pastures are so scorched up that his poor cows can hardly get a bite to eat and he feels guilty of cruelty to animals every time he meets their eyes."
  • And so it was, for as they rode through the pastures the cowslips bloomed on every hand, and Mary's eyes grew bigger and bigger as she thought of her poor garden with its dead flowers.
  • Around this lonely place rise the Downs, now bare sheep pastures, in broad undulations, with a wart-like barrow here and there, and from it radiate, creeping up to gain and hold the crests of the hills, the abandoned trackways of that forgotten world.
  • As the traveler journeys through Southern Italy, Sicily and certain parts of what was Ancient Greece, he will see broken arches, parts of viaducts, and now and again a beautiful column pointing to the sky. All about is the desert, or solitary pastures, and only this white milestone marking the path of the centuries and telling in its own silent, solemn and impressive way of a day that is dead.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Black vulture, License CC BY-SA 4.0