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Word: patagonia
IPA transcription: [p,ætəɡ'oʊniə]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Patagonia
    Meaning: region in southern South America between the Andes and the South Atlantic
Usage examples
  • There exists in Patagonia more than one tribe, and the description here given by Drake of the savages whom he met, does not at all resemble that given by Pigafetta of the Patagonians of Port St. Julian.
  • Now she had taken the matter into her own hands and had done that which would be ruinous if not successful. She was venturing her all upon the die,--with the prospect of drowning herself on the way out to Patagonia should the chances of the game go against her.
  • Lady Chiltern had met her before, and as Lady Chiltern was always generous, she was gracious to Arabella. She was sorry to see Lady Drummond, because she connected Lady Drummond with the Foreign Office and feared that the conversation might be led to Patagonia and its new minister.
  • Setting sail on the 22nd July, 1586, he passed by the Canaries, and landed at Sierra Leone, which town he attacked and plundered; then, sailing again, he crossed the Atlantic, sighted Cape Sebastian in Brazil, sailed along the coast of Patagonia, and arrived on the 27th November at Port Desire.
  • If we consider only the biological facts concerning some one group of animals it is not only easy but inevitable to conclude that its distribution must be accounted for by the existence of some former direct land bridge extending, for instance, between Patagonia and Australia, or between Brazil and South Africa, or between the West Indies and the Mediterranean, or between a part of the Andean region and northeastern Asia.