Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: pausing
IPA transcription: [p'ɔzɪŋ]
Usage examples
  • 'What place is this?' inquired Mrs. Bardell, pausing.
  • "Ah!" said Bartle, pausing, with one hand on his back.
  • 'What is the matter?' asked he, pausing and looking round.
  • "Are you not pleased?" asked May, pausing to look up at him.
  • So he sat, with a steadfastly vacant gaze, pausing in his work.
  • Not pausing an instant, she thrust the key into the lock, and the door sprang open.
  • She fled swiftly, pausing at the window to lower the friendly but forgotten umbrella.
  • "What about them?" asked Walter, pausing as he was about to strike a match to the wood.
  • "Will you tell her or shall I?" said Mrs. Ray, pausing for a moment at the cottage gate.
  • She offered no resistance, and pausing in his madness he realized that she had swooned away.