Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: pays
IPA transcription: [p'eɪz]
Usage examples
  • A neighbor pays him this tribute:
  • I think it almost pays for the thud."
  • Old Pump and Aldgate buys the article and pays the money.
  • "Perhaps then he pays a visit every night to that particular window," I suggested.
  • I am now expecting his majesty; it is the hour he usually pays me a visit; explain the matter to him yourself."
  • "Miss Lottie, I'm almost tempted to say it pays to be ill or wounded, that one may be tended by fair ladies' hands."
  • Again and again, the generous French pays tribute to his friend, which while deserved reflects no less honor upon the speaker.
  • If Achilles and Ajax, instead of being associated, are themselves in the service of Agamemnon who pays them, there is no objection to Aristotle's method.
  • Charity pays honour to the aged in every respect, coincides with their sentiments, consults them, forestalls their desires, and attempts not to reform in them what cannot be reformed.
  • The highest court has recently decided that a bank cannot be held responsible, when it pays a "raised" check, if the maker of the check failed in the first place to write it out correctly.